Custom Home Design

Mid Century Model Render2

Bauhaus Custom Homes designs classic, luxurious architectural styles for the way you live. Our custom home designs include beautiful, authentic features tailored to each client’s vision—from classic European to mid-century modern.

We pride ourselves in building intelligent homes—healthy, perfectly sized with no space wasted. Intelligent homes are established with keen design and sustainable materials. Our clients start this process with their dream home vision and we join in to give it the finite details and finishings to meet the Bauhaus standards. Schedule your consultation with our designers today.

High-Performance Luxury Home Design

We specialize in designing high-performance, luxury homes. Our structures are designed for comfort, low-maintenance, energy efficiency, and to last.

Building a luxury, high-performance home does not mean you have to spend more money or compromise on material selections. It is also not about bamboo floors, solar systems, and other “eco-bling.” It is about building a comfortable, healthy, low-maintenance and, at the same time, energy efficient home.

At Bauhaus, we can create custom home designs of any architectural style, and tailor them to site and climate conditions. Our modern homes continually outperform our competition in Dallas, scoring higher in energy ratings and saving you more money operating your home.

Integrated Home Design Process

Our integrated custom home design process ensures that each detail fits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget!

A lot of people make the mistake of hiring architects and designers without including a builder and other experts from the very beginning of the design stage. Designing and building a home is a team sport  involving a whole group of experts comprising:

  • Designers/architects
  • Builders
  • Structural and mechanical engineers
  • Trade contractors and suppliers

Not consulting and including the entire team in the planning process is a big mistake. That’s how many clients end up overspending on a custom home design they can’t afford to build, or start building and end up 20 percent over budget because of too many allowances missing selections.

Not with us! We use an integrated design process that ensures that the home we design for you can be built for your budget before we produce a full plan set. By using Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, we can produce concepts and specifications and then use them to establish preliminary budgets for any home we build. This process ensures budget control from the very beginning of the process.

Design Partners

We will partner with trusted architecture firms to create your custom home, as long as we can be involved in the process from the very beginning. Contact us today for more information on custom home design in Dallas, TX.