The benefits of hiring design/build firms

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Happy Halloween everybody. As I was speaking with a potential new client about the benefits of hiring design/build firms the other day I was once more reminded that designing and building a home can appear like a major undertaking for a lot of clients. And in fact, it can be. If  the homeowner has to deal with an architect, an interior designer, a builder, a pool builder and a landscaper… it can be a monumental task. Clients come to us for two reasons: 1) Because we design and build stunningly beautiful homes 2) Because we make the process easy and enjoyable, with the least amount of time commitment from you.

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Having a one-stop partner that takes care of architectural design, interior design and construction not only makes sense – in our opinion it is the best way to a successful outcome. When architects, interior designers and builders are under one roof, three things happen:

  1. The design process takes less time
  2. The homeowner spends less time in meetings
  3. The build process is faster & smoother

Designing and build a home is a team sport and requires an immense amount of planning and communication. The entire process should involve all parties from the beginning so hiring a design/build firm only makes sense.  Let’s compare the traditional way to the “Bauhaus Process”:

In a traditional setup, you – the client – would go out and hire an architect, who starts designing your home. You meet with the architect several times a month to review progress, then at some point the interior designer enters the picture to assist in finish-out selections and materials. After several months and multiple design meetings and showroom visits your plans are completed and you send the plans out to builders to bid. You also send it out to pool companies and landscape companies to receive pricing for your pool and landscaping. Of course, you can do this yourself or you can hire your architect to handle the bid packages. If you have hired your architect under a full service contract, this is most likely included in the architectural fees, which generally range anywhere from 12%-15% of the construction cost for full services. Of course, once all the bids roll in, the homeowner will contract with a builder, a pool company and a landscape company, in addition to the contracts with the architect and the interior designer… you see where I’m going, right? Lots of contracts, lots of different meetings with different parties, lots of showroom visits, and not to forget –   lots of different fees to pay.

Now let’s look at the “Bauhaus Process”: You hire Bauhaus to create the architecture & interior design and finally build your home turnkey – pool and landscaping included. One contract partner, one team to meet with. We keep design meetings flowing on a once weekly basis, and we take over all the coordination between architecture, interior design and construction. All our clients need to do is make decisions during or after our design reviews. We also keep the amount of showroom visits to a minimum  - by coordinating for you and preparing our showroom sales crews beforehand, you spend less time running around in showrooms for final material selections. As you can see, our process is geared towards clients that appreciate efficiency and a streamlined design and building process. Ideal for busy professionals and families with a busy lifestyle, Bauhaus makes the process of designing and building your dream home fun and enjoyable - you should try it! 

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